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Grace, Grace, God’s Grace January 28, 2010

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Sitting here in the big purple chair- the kids are at school, and i have finished the mound of dishes in the sink (by hand – yuck!)… Listening to Matt Maher sing “Your Grace is enough”. Man, I like that song. Looking ahead to the day that faces me. Dreading the looming “IEP/status” meeting at Matthew’s middle school. Will they force him back into a gym class he doesn’t feel he is emotionally ready for? Will he advocate for himself and his needs in that meeting? Will they listen to him? I sure hope so – cause I don’t want to have to go all “mama bear” on them. I do appreciate that this year has seemed to be a turning point for Matthew. He seems to have the anxiety under control – participating in clubs, even developing some friendships. He’s getting great grades, and I am so proud to see that he has come so far since a year ago when we pulled him out of the school. So, I will “put on my big kid pants” (as my friend Dawn says) and head for the school with a positive attitude, and work for the best. More later…


Hello world! January 20, 2010

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So, hmmm… New year, recent birthday. What am I going to do that is new and different this year? I know! I’ll start a blog! Maybe someone, somewhere will be intrigued and maybe entertained by the ramblings of a forty something, mother of four from the big sky of Montana. So, here I am. With the help of my beautiful friend, the Peaceful Peacock, I start to blog. My first big hurdle. What to name said blog. Wow. A name that says something about “me”. This shouldn’t be too difficult. *cough*. Yeah, right. Several hits and misses later, a name is born. The word walk representing the physical and mental act of moving forward, and not stagnating while navigating life, existence and everything.  Bump. Nuther roadblock.  Who am I? Oh, my. Thats a whole other hill of beans. One to ponder on, ruminate on. I’ll save that for another time. So, for now, I’ll say see you later. I don’t like goodbyes, never have – ask my husband some time. Until next time, see you later!